Tierra Roja Cuxtitali Centro Comunitario A.C. is an educational and socially integrative project directed towards children, adolescents, and adults, and it is located on the urban outskirts of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. The project focuses on providing free educational and formative activities that broaden the portion of the population with access to basic education, promoting spaces of integration and community coexistence where personal and collective human rights are exercised.

The outskirts of San Cristóbal present a complex and diverse context due to numerous problems as well as social, cultural, and natural resource-related conflicts. The actividades of the project are designed to address the problems of the community, including the lack of social integration, the lack of access to primary and middle school education, the shortage of a formal education system, and the strength of discrimination and conflicts between the Indigenous and Mestizo populations.

Since 2015, the project has been involved with the population of Cuxtitali and the surrounding neighborhoods, and it has continued to promote a healthy coexistence between communities in conflict for questions of origin, resources, language, gender, and religion. Through classes and educational workshops to reinforce basic literacy and education, the participants autonomously exercise their rights in an environment that is free from discrimination. The project aims to continue creating a space of community learning for everyone, eliminating the barriers and the walls that political, social, and economic interests keep building between the populations of the city and the outskirts.

The members of Tierra Roja Cuxtitali consider the access to basic education and the creation of spaces of coexistence and dialogue to be crucial elements to resolve—at least in part—the aforementioned problems. For this reason, the project focuses on providing free educational and formative activities that allow the participants to develop useful abilities to build a dignified future. Furthermore, the project aims to boost community participation, including involvement from families, as key actors in the development of the children and adolescents, and as links of a chain of a network of solidarity between the neighborhood and its outskirts.

Founding year: 2015


to be a recognized organization in San Cristóbal de Las Casas for its contribution in the reduction of educational regression in the outskirts of the city and to be identified as a space of integration, dialogue, and canalization for different needs of the community


To expand the opportunities of social integration and to guarantee the human rights of children, adolescents, and adults of Indigenous and Mestizo origins in the outskirts of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, through the development of educational and formative activities, promoting multiculturalism in a space of community learning and coexistence.

Legal Situation:

The civil association was legally built in November 2015 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas y completed a protocolization of its record in October 2016. Since June 2017, Tierra Roja Cuxtitali has remained registered in the Federal Registry of the Organizations of the Civil Society with the following unique code of inscription of registry (CLUNI): TRC15112707AR1.