A Multimedia Center in Tierra Roja Cuxtitali


Project summary:

A media library with free access to internet, computers and audiovisual media for exercising the right to information and to freedom of expression, through a participatory process along with free workshops to empower the population, to promote social integration and create networks within the community.
Issues at hand:
Lack of learning spaces and skill development aimed at the population of the urban periphery of San Cristobal de Las Casas – Chiapas- Mexico, which lives in extreme poverty and conditions of marginalization without access to informational mediums and consequently without knowledge of their basic rights as women, men and children.
Renew the Community Center with a Media Library so that boys and girls, young women and men who live in a state of marginalization and vulnerability can acquire communication tools, have access to the internet, books and useful theoretical and practical knowledge to exercise their rights as individuals and empower themselves as a community.
Provide free workshops and trainings on communication tools in order for the community to share the space autonomously and express themselves freely and generate channels of alternative information.
Create an informative blog where reports and analysis of the social context of the area can be published as a result of the process of empowerment and promotional tools.

How to Participate:
1. Material donations: Laptops, projector, cameras, recorders, printers, microphones, speakers, photocopier, used and in good condition to equip the space. More information: Info@tierrarojacuxtitali.org
2. Monetary donations: donate any amount towards the growth of the Media Library, you can decide to which area you would like to direct your donation (operational, workshops, equipment, infrastructure). Donate here with PAYPAL: Http://www.tierrarojacuxtitali.org/donaciones
3. Communication Facilitator Volunteer: share with us your knowledge of community communication and projects of communication skills development with a human rights approach.

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